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Written by Susan Comyn
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Linkedin is different from other networking sites. The reason why? LinkedIn is built for B2B networking. It is a place where your employees and supporters actively want to build intimate connections with your brand. 

Businesses shouldn't underestimate the power of utilising LinkedIn to drive business results, increase brand awareness and promote their career opportunities, culture and values while educating current and potential customers on their products and services. 

According to insights from Hootsuite, company pages that have complete profiles receive up to twice the amount of profile views as those that don’t. Therefore, investing time and resources is key for creating an impactful LinkedIn page that your audience and potential employees want to engage with.

Below we’ll cover 12 ways you can build and promote your LinkedIn company page effectively to employees, customers and candidates alike. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page for your business, you can get started here.


google search results1. Optimise Your Company Page for Search 

Whether your audience is directly on LinkedIn, or searching topics related to your company or industry on a search engine, a well-optimised company page will ensure visibility. Every successful company LinkedIn page has taken advantage of keywords, links and relevant content to optimise for search and drive traffic to their page. 

To optimise for keywords, insert words throughout your page that best represents who you are and what you do. The best way to go about this is to include popular search terms that your audience are looking up. Sites like Moz and SemRush give great oversight into how your business ranks online and will provide insights into what keywords you should use to optimise your business pages. Adding links to your page is also an excellent way to improve your search rankings. The most straightforward strategy is to link back to your LinkedIn page from your website, company blog and any other marketing materials you may have. Finally sharing content that is relevant to your audience regularly is one of the most effective ways to get noticed on LinkedIn. Public posts on LinkedIn will appear on google’s search results. The more frequently your content is engaged with, the higher your Google ranking. 


2. Engage your employees

When it comes to growing an audience on LinkedIn, your employees will be your number one resource. According to LinkedIn, employees have, on average, ten times more first-degree connections than a company page has followers. It’s no surprise then that companies who heavily engage with their employees via employee advocacy programs are 58% more likely to attract top talent to their company.

Encourage your employees to advocate for your company by adding their job position to their personal LinkedIn and to follow your company page, ask them to reply to company updates and post their own content relating to your business. LinkedIn has found that posts with an image get 98% more comments. Have your employees grab their network’s attention with images and videos on their next LinkedIn post by sharing things like social outings. This can expand your reach exponentially.


asking questions on linkedin 3. Ask questions

The longer your post receives responses in the comments section, the longer it will stay on the LinkedIn timeline and the more reach it will get. The more eyes the better.Engage your network by asking a question.

This question will not just appear in the LinkedIn feeds of your followers, but if your followers reply, it will appear in their followers feeds too. Ensure any questions are relevant and industry-related, so your audience is more likely to answer.


4. Share employees Success 

When an employee has shined at work or reached a milestone, let the world know! Share your employees work with your company followers, whether it be excelling in a project, an article they have written or being mentioned in the news themselves. Give that employee a shout out by tagging them in the post. Employees will be more likely to share personalised posts, meaning your company page will gain much more exposure and reach like-minded individuals in their network. This is also an excellent way to showcase your culture and values to potential customers and potential future employees.


using hashtags on linkedin 5. Use hashtags

An excellent way to ensure that your LinkedIn page gets noticed is to use hashtags on your posts. This is beneficial because those who search that term on LinkedIn will see your post and therefore, are much more likely to engage with your content.

You can use as many hashtags as you’d like, but for the best engagement rates, it’s recommended not to use more than five


6. Sponsor Your Best Content

If you notice a particular piece of content is doing well, amplify your reach by sponsoring your content. There are various ways to reach a wider audience including LinkedIn text ads, sponsored InMail and video. Text, visual and video ads are pay-per-click or pay-per-impression, they’ll appear on the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages or within groups. Sponsored InMails allow you to reach your audiences LinkedIn inbox in the same fashion as email marketing. This method will enable you to be more personal in your messaging, making them more likely to be noticed. LinkedIn’s sponsored content allows you to be highly targeted when choosing your audience and how you reach them depending on your objectives.

7. Choose Brand Ambassadors and Become active members of LinkedIn groups

brand ambassadors relay your company values

Becoming an active member of LinkedIn groups can help attract views and followers to your company page. Pick individuals from your company to act as brand ambassadors on behalf of your company. The purpose of this is to position your company as industry leaders. These ambassadors should include a mix of employees that have varying experience and hold positions in different departments.

The important common trait for your ambassadors is that they can speak positively and relay your company values, culture and messaging effectively. From there, find groups that are aligned to your business goals and have your ambassadors engage with group discussions. This is a great way to build relationships with other professionals and businesses in your field, especially those from outside your immediate network. To find new groups to participate in use the 'Groups Discover' function on LinkedIn, this will suggest several groups that are related to your page and the content you interact with. Another great approach to LinkedIn groups is to create your own. Start by inviting your followers and nurture the conversation by asking questions.

8. Use showcase pages 

Showcase pages work like a sub-domain of your company page. If you have specific products or service offerings, you can utilise these spotlight pages to bring attention to these areas of your business. LinkedIn members can follow individual spotlight pages that they are interested in. These are, therefore, invaluable relationships to foster. Nurture this audience by sharing updates and detailed information they are expressly interested in.


responding to all linkedin comments9. Respond to every comment on your posts (within reason)

Engaging with those who comment on your posts can have a very positive effect on your employer brand. Just look at companies like DELL, they have used Glassdoor to their advantage.

By replying to as many Glassdoor reviews as possible, they’ve made it a pivotal part of their recruitment marketing strategy. 


10. Learn with LinkedIn analytics

Not sure why your post engagement and reach is fantastic one day and disappointing the next? According to Linkedin’s research, posting in the morning and after business hours will most likely accumulate the highest number of likes and comments on your posts. Although this isn’t always true for everyone. Luckily, LinkedIn has detailed analytics so you can learn which days and hours work best for your business. After some time, it will also become apparent what kind of content your audience prefers to interact with. If you’re planning to promote your posts, LinkedIn’s analytics will help you to better target your audience by providing detailed follower demographics. 

hosting events through the linkedin network11. Host an event and promote it on LinkedIn’s event platform

After teasing about an events feature for the past year, LinkedIn has finally launched its events platform last month. The functionality can be compared to Facebook events, making the process of organising events simple. Even promoting regular meetups, where employees can invite their LinkedIn network after business hours for drinks and pizza, is an excellent way to build active professional communities, while attracting talent to your business. If your meetups are a hit, your LinkedIn page follower count will likely grow with those hoping for an invite to the next gathering.


Engaging with potential candidates online is a valuable recruitment marketing strategy because it enables you to connect with candidates in a genuine way. However, balancing your LinkedIn page, multiple social platforms, your careers page and job boards, can be a challenge for an already busy hiring team. This is where Occupop can help!

With our recruitment software, you can automatically post to 20+ job channels at once, including your LinkedIn, job boards and social media channels. Our A.I. technology can even help you send emails, filter CVs and schedule interviews. This will save you time and energy on the administrative part of recruiting, so you can spend longer connecting with your future candidates.

Get in touch and see how we can help you improve your hiring process.

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