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BidRecruit to Occupop

BidRecruit was founded by myself, Caroline Gleeson and co-founder David Banaghan in 2016. The inspiration for BidRecruit came from our experience working in tech recruitment.

At that time we were working with Morgan McKinley, a well known global agency with a strong presence in Ireland and the UK. Working with hiring managers and candidates on a daily basis gave us a real understanding of the pain points in the hiring process.

We were getting increasingly frustrated with the archaic way the industry carried out business and around the same time lots of new technology was revolutionising traditional industries like accommodation (Airbnb) and transport (Uber). As a result, we decided to build a technology that focuses on the core features a hiring manager needs to find the best talent without all the crap. At the beginning a core part of the tech was to negotiate a rate with the recruiter through a bid, and so, BidRecruit was born. We launched our first MVP to market in late 2016 and very quickly began to grow, adapting our solution to our customer’s needs.

bidrecruit iconOver the last four years we’ve worked really hard to develop a solution that responds to the hiring needs of today, as a result our product has evolved rapidly, leaving behind some of the main features from where it first originated. We now operate in Ireland, the UK and Poland and in the last six months our team has tripled in size.

BidRecruit staff photos

What we’ve learned in these four years is that at the core of every business is the team and in order to build strong and effective teams you need a powerful hiring tool that enables you to find and hire the best people for your business. Every step we take in our journey as a company brings us closer to creating the ultimate hiring tool for our customers. With this in mind we felt it was the right time for us to shed our old name and step forward with a new name that defines who we are and where we are going.

Occupop represents our drive for uniting like-minded people to companies, connecting the entire population through the power of technology, establishing relationships seamlessly and unlocking talent globally to combine occupation with the population. Our ethos and mission is that people are at the core of every successful business, Occupop helps you to find the best people for your business and create success through hiring. Hire the best people. Build the best teams!

Occupop - Hire the best people. Build the best teams.

As BidRecruit we have seen exponential growth and are very grateful to all our loyal customers who have supported us throughout our journey. The future for Occupop is bright! We have some very exciting new features and partnerships in the pipeline which we will be announcing over the coming months. We’ve also recently launched a new office in Warsaw, Poland and have big expansion plans for 2020. Watch this space!

As always from all us, Happy Hiring! 😁

Caroline & the Occupop team



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