optimising your careers page for quality applicants
Your companies careers page is one of your most influential recruiting tools and probably one of the most important pages on your website. So why do so many companies choose to overlook it?

It's not enough anymore to just list your current open roles and hope for the best. The best candidates are engaged with your company so don't turn them away with a boring careers page. These candidates want to see into the world that is your company. This is your opportunity to showcase your company culture, your success, perks and values. Spark their interest and entice them to apply for a role in your company!       

If you're looking to give your careers page a makeover, look no further. I've put together a list of my favourite careers pages from various sites that will give you a little bit of inspiration. These pages have been beautifully designed with the company and candidate in mind.


spotify careers

What makes it great: What makes Spotify's careers page stand out to me is how they seamlessly incorporated their product. The process of job searching on their site is the same experience as using their app which is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience. Once you navigate around the site you'll find a quote from the CEO and a whole page on their company culture.

What you can learn: Try to bring aspects of your business to your careers page. There's no need to go all out like Spotify did but even just a few fun pictures or graphics can really make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the page.

See it for yourself: www.spotifyjobs.com 



airbnb careers
What makes it great: A big trend on the opening page of a careers site is to have an opening value proposition. People who are coming to your careers page are interested in your brand and mission so a message like this can only further encourage them to apply. Scrolling down the page brings you through a multitude of reasons why Airbnb is a great place to work. The content is beautifully complemented by pictures of the office space and employees enjoying time out together. 

What you can learn: Airbnb's careers page tells a story. It begins by showing the potential applicant their mission and culture in a visually pleasing way and then finally brings them to the list of open roles. This is a good way to weed out any disinterested candidates and be sure the ones applying really believe in your mission. However, depending on your needs you might like to place a call-to-action button near the beginning that is easy to see. 

See it for yourselfwww.airbnb.ie/careers




facebook careers

What Makes It Great: Unsurprisingly Facebook have a brilliant careers page. They have ticked every box from strong UX, visualised hiring process, employee day in the life, testimonials and compelling emphasis on their values and the impact you have as an employee.

What you can learn: Facebook's emphasis on the impact their employees have within their organisation is something that any company can take inspiration from. Potential employees want to know that their day-to-day work is valued and for a large percentage of job seekers, they are looking for more meaningful work over compensation. With this approach, Facebook are capturing the attention of passionate workers.

See it for yourself: www.facebook.com/careers/




marriott careers

What Makes It Great: Marriott have used their careers page to communicate life at Marriott. They use employee Q&A's to give readers an idea of what it's like to work at this iconic brand from locations all over the world. Marriott put across a people first approach by showing off their employee perks with a strong focus on well-being, as well as pieces on diversity and corporate responsibility.

What you can learn: Marriott's careers page is focused on people. If you offer any perks such as employee wellness programs or working from home, be sure to include them. People want to work in a comfortable environment where their needs as an individual are being met so be sure to get that across.

See it for yourself: www.careers.marriott.com/life-at-marriott/




hubspot careers

What Makes It Great: Hubspot's careers page focuses on company culture and teams. One of the first things you will find is a slideshow documenting what they do, their culture and how you as an employee would fit into that. Once a potential applicant has familiarised themselves with Hubspot's culture they can easily browse through the teams and watch various videos of current team members. This gives the visitor a good taste of life working at Hubspot.

What you can learn: Hubspot have made great use of video to show off why they are a great place to work. You can replicate this with your own teams by creating role specific video, giving targeted value proposition to attract candidates.

See it for yourself: www.hubspot.com/jobs



What goes into a great careers website?

As you can see, the most effective careers pages have a lot in common. All of them have unique content, they're optimized for mobile, they explain how their hiring process works, they're easy to navigate and most importantly showcase what it's like to work there. 

Treat your careers page like it is the be all and end all of your candidate's application process. Let's go over everything we have seen that you need to have on your careers page. You've probably noticed that they all follow the same format and have the similar elements. You don't need all of them, but start with what works best for your company and make it visually impressive.

  • A short company description
  • Your company values (this can't be presented with a short piece of text or with the visual content you use)
  • Job perks and benefits
  • Open roles
  • Clear job and office locations
  • The steps involved in the hiring process
  • Employee testimonials/day in the life of an employee
  • Video
  • Awards and partnerships


A compelling and informative careers page may be the factor that helps you to recruit the top talent in your industry. In fact, 19% of all hires come from careers pages, which is more than any other recruitment channel, according to Deloitte’s 2015 Talent Acquisition research.

This means that perfecting your careers page is an essential step in the recruitment process, and BidRecruit is here to help! Our recruitment software saves you 4-5 hours a week and 75% of recruitment costs on the busy work of hiring, so you can allocate more of your energy to creating an amazing careers page. We also easily integrate with your careers page and offer one-click posting to help you streamline your job advertisements, helping you create a page that others will want to copy.

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