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Tools hiring teams can use to recruit faster and cost effectively

For HR teams to compete in the current candidate-driven market, they must be prepared to innovate and update their hiring process.

Luckily, there is an abundance of tools hiring teams can leverage to solve inefficiencies and create the time required to focus on other areas of HR that are now more important than ever, like wellness and L&D.

Is your team considering a new approach to your hiring process? Here's a rundown of the top five tools your team can utilise to ensure the process is modern and working best for you as well as giving you the competitive edge.


Using chatbots to attract candidates 1. Chatbots

Jumping straight into technological innovations that are moving the recruitment space forward, let's talk about chatbots.

Chatbots became a popular recruitment tool in early 2018 and for a good reason. This form of intelligent automation has the ability to automate basic interactions with potential candidates. For busy hiring managers, chatbots are proving to be an excellent way to provide instantaneous communication which leads to a positive candidate experience.

So how do they work? A recruitment chatbot is a simple application that can provide top of the funnel communication between your company and current or potential candidates. Chatbots work as a messaging service on your website and can respond to questions on a 24/7 basis, be that FAQ’s regarding a job listing, information on your company as well as providing feedback and company updates. Zappos use chatbots as a way for potential candidates to search for jobs on their website. Their bot asks questions about what areas the person is interested in and how much experience they have, then the bot matches people to jobs they may be interested in. The bot also gives answers regarding company culture, values, office locations and the status of a job application.

You can create recruitment chatbots that are tailored to your individual needs with specialised software such as AllyO, or it’s possible to set one up on your company facebook page. MobileMonkey offers an interactive Facebook messenger bot that enables you to capture and nurture potential candidates, ensuring you never miss a conversation with top talent. 

By automating time-consuming tasks, hiring managers can still provide candidates with a positive experience by virtually being there at each of the candidate's touch points. If you find you have a database of frequently asked questions, consider deploying a chatbot to automate this process for you.

Using an ats to manage the recruitment process2. An ATS

An ATS (applicant tracking system) is a software application that is used to streamline the recruitment process by storing candidate applications and managing the entire recruitment process

The humble ATS has come a long way since its beginnings in the 1990s. The first systems acted as a tool to track candidates CVs and not much else. ATS functionality has grown and newer systems have expanded their repertoire to CV parsing, reporting, job posting, email management and data protection.

The ATS of today has become an essential part of any hiring managers toolbox. The Talent Management firm Bersin by Deloitte accurately describes them as “integration platforms” acting as the heart of recruitment operations by working in harmony with other hiring tools and processes.  A modern ATS can give you the ability to handle the entire recruitment process collaboratively across all teams involved in hiring on one centralised platform. ATS's can also provide candidates with a seamless application process, leading to a reduction in candidate drop off and overall positive candidate experience.


AI for recruitment process 3. AI

AI has been the biggest innovation and trend in recruitment in recent years. Over half of HR managers say they see AI becoming an essential part of their workdays and after reviewing the statistics surrounding AI it’s no surprise why.

AI has the potential to completely transform the way you recruit. Incorporating AI into your hiring process via an ATS will allow you to reduce time spent on administrative tasks by automating the process. AI works within the parameters you set to screen candidates CV’s. BidRecruit’s AI for example, scores and shortlist candidates based on criteria you set, letting you access the best candidates in an instant.

Beyond the time-saving factors, AI can complement your recruitment efforts by eliminating bias from the recruitment process. AI only considers the data. By scanning your candidate pool and scoring candidates based on parameters you have provided, AI will support your hiring decisions in a non-biased way. 

Ideal found that incorporating AI into your recruitment process can reduce hiring costs by 70%  and has the potential to reduce time to hire from 34 to a shocking 9 days. That's no surprise to us, our AI-powered hiring software has cut our customers time to hire in half and reduced recruitment spend by 78%.  

Candidates use social media to see what life at a company is like4. Social Media

Recruiting is all about building connections and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are invaluable tools you can leverage to grow your networks and grow quality talent pools. The way candidates interact with companies, particularly when applying for jobs has shifted dramatically. Millennial and Gen Z workers expect to see your company share news of job openings on social media as well as content promoting company updates that give insight into life at your company. 

Beyond those actively seeking job openings, social media is a great way to attract passive candidates. Encourage your current employees to talk about and share your companies values online with their own social networks. Doing so will ensure your companies messaging will reach the screens of like-minded individuals, making them aware of open roles and subtly marketing your employer brand.

Dell is a great example of a company nailing social media recruitment. Dell share content that highlights their company culture and values on a daily basis. These posts range from general company updates to employee quotes, photos from events and videos of employees having fun in the office. Most importantly, Dell provides a positive experience for possible applicants with their employees engaging with interested people in the comments.

Effectively incorporating social media into your recruitment process requires an investment into your employer branding. Once you have a built an effective brand, ensure you get the most from your social media efforts with the use of a social media management tool. Hootsuite, for example, provides a centralised platform where you can post to all social media channels and manage interactions across each channel.

Want to learn more about using social media to recruit? Why not read our blog Why Use Social Media To Recruit? Here Are The Advantages.


5. Psychometric testsDetermine a candidate ability with psychometric testing prior to hiring

Psychometric testing in the recruitment process is a rapidly growing trend. HBR found that over 75% of TIME’s top 100 companies are using psychometric tests as part of their candidate selection process and this figure is increasing year on year, at a rate of 10% according to the Association for Test Publishers.

Since the cost of a bad hire is estimated to be at least 30% of that hires first years earnings. Assessing candidates hard & soft skills in this way prior to hiring provides you with a reasonable guide as to how this candidate will handle job responsibilities and therefore increase the likelihood of hiring quality candidates. 

Psychometric tests are essentially a questionnaire based on measurable norms to quantify candidates. They are based on both scientific and psychological research and are proven to be a reliable indicator of future performance. There are three different test categories: aptitude, skills and personality testing. Tests can measure competencies such as analytical skills, communication skills, leadership skills, numerical skills and both logical and verbal reasoning.

There are dozens of psychometric tests you can use as part of your recruitment process. From The Big Five to the Myers Briggs, the quality and depth of information vary between tests. Digitalhrtech have put together a list of the most effective assessment software's your company can use to implement psychometric tests.


Want to transform your recruitment toolbox? Our AI powered ATS can make your hiring process faster, easier and stress-free. Our A.I. technology can greatly reduce your recruitment admin, time and costs by scoring and filtering your CVs, scheduling your interviews and sending your candidate's automated email updates. We’ll also post your job descriptions across 16+ recruitment channels including social media to ensure that the candidate you want know you’re hiring.

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