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Written by Susan Comyn
7 minute read

Hiring cycles can fluctuate throughout the year. If you are heading into a period of increased or heavy volume hiring for the winter season, you may find yourself concerned about making a rush hire.

Don’t panic! There are ways you can speed up your recruitment process without compromising on candidate quality.

So how do you manage and hire high volumes of candidates? We have some simple tips that will help you to streamline your hiring and keep your pipeline running smoothly.

A hiring manager writing a job description to attract candidatesWrite Accurate Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are essentially the first screening point for candidates who are actively researching your company. The goal of a job description is to encourage the top candidates to apply to your open position, this requires proving your competitive edge by illustrating your employer brand and company culture. Depending on what you write, your job descriptions can make or break your hiring pipeline.

A lot more goes into creating a job description than merely listing your vacancy. Mastering the art of writing a clear job description can be tricky as it needs to encapsulate so much but in an easy to read, succinct manner. To effectively screen candidates at this stage, ensure your job description is clear, performance-based and details precisely what is required to be successful in that role.

It is vital to write a job description that targets your ideal candidate, as it will help you to stand out to those most qualified while also narrowing down the number of not relevant applicants. According to a poll by DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board, only 17% of hiring managers say that most job seekers have the necessary skills that they are looking to find. Attracting the limited number of candidates that do have the required qualifications will help save you time sorting through hundreds of CV's.

If you are looking to fill a lot of duplicate roles fast, sit down with your hiring manager or ask your existing top employees in those same roles to outline what skills and qualities they think it takes to be successful in that position. Applying their insights and language will help to shape an accurate job description that’s specific to your company and will be identifiable to candidates. This initial time investment will save a huge amount of time in the long run.

Top Tip: Optimise your job description for SEO and mobile. One-click apply is a fantastic way to reduce candidate drop off during the application process. Additionally, consider adding an expression of interest in your careers page so you can grow your talent pool throughout the year, providing you with a talent pool when you need it.

posting job vacancies to the right channelsLook in The Right Places

Optimise your hiring process by only posting your roles in the places that have proven track records of high volume hiring. LinkedIn’s talent pool reports and industry reports provide comprehensive insights to what channels your job will perform best on depending on the industry and position.

Recruitment data and analytics will allow you to accurately measure the returns on channels you are using to recruit. Tracking your source channels will also help feed into your future recruitment strategy, allowing you to better allocate time and resources to the channels that work best for you. If you’re looking for candidate volume, you may find that certain job boards perform best. If you’re looking to fill a particular role that you’ve hired for before, you will have reporting on which channel provided the most qualified candidates.



Candidates shaking hands with interviewer in a group interviewHold Group Interviews

One-on-one interviews have their benefits, however, if you hold multiple rounds of interviews consider conducting group interviews during the initial stages.

Group interviews are excellent when you need to hire fast because they allow you to simultaneously assess many candidates at once. This not only saves time by cutting down on what would have been hours of interviews but also decreases time spent scheduling these interviews too.

Group interviews can also help you select the right candidate. In one-on-one interviews, it’s easy for small cues that might indicate an inadequate candidate to go unnoticed. In a group interview, the questions you ask will receive a diverse range of answers. By listening to multiple viewpoints on the questions you ask, you may find the right candidate stands out from the others. This is a great benefit when filling positions that require teamwork and particularly customer-facing roles where they will be working with large amounts of clients every day. Interviewing candidates as a group will make candidates with great interpersonal, communication skills, and those with the ability to hold themselves under pressure stand out from the rest.

Need advice on transforming your interviews from good to great? Read our blog full of quick tips to enhance your interview process.

Using an ats online to automate the speed up the hiring processAutomate Where You Can 

Handling your recruitment process over email and spreadsheets is certainly a reliable way of slowing down your hiring process, not to mention posing potential GDPR compliance breaches. Or if your hiring manager collaboration is lacking, this can be a disaster for periods where you want to hire fast.

Before you start posting roles and drown in a sea CV’s, consider incorporating a hiring software into your recruitment process. A modern ATS will provide a centralised place to manage high volumes of CVs and support collaborative communication with hiring managers.

If you want to take full advantage of this hiring cycle, invest in an ats that will enable you to post jobs to multiple channels at once and uses automation to optimise your hiring pipeline. Automating administrative tasks with email templates, workflows and real-time interview scheduling will not only speed up the process but also give you back time to spend in other areas.

An ats using AI to quickly screen candidates Use A.I.

52% of talent acquisition managers say the most laborious part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large pool. A.I. can speed up this process by screening candidates based on parameters you set, in fact, Ideal found that incorporating A.I. into your recruitment process has the potential to reduce time to hire from 34 to just nine days. It’s no surprise then why many companies have started to incorporate A.I. into their recruitment process to rapidly shortlist candidates.

Intuit is a company that has taken full advantage of the benefits A.I. and automation can bring to high volume recruiting. They employ over 600 employees each year and use A.I. to screen candidates based on the profiles of existing top performers in the company. This led to a faster time-to-hire rate and an increase in candidate quality.

interviewers scoring candidates to quickly identify high performersScore Your Interviews

Having interviewing scoring as part of your hiring process will remove back and forth decision making between interviewers and will quickly identify high performing candidates from a pool of previous interviewees. Implement a numerical scoring system that rates candidates overall and on particular skills and qualities.

Ensure the ranking system remains consistent across all candidates, and the interviewers have a clear understanding of the expectations surrounding each aspect they are scoring.



Our A.I. powered ATS can significantly reduce your time-to-hire by managing high volumes of CV’s in one centralised platform.

Reach quality candidates with one-click job posting to 20+ recruitment channels including social media. Our A.I. and automation features will score and filter candidates, provide feedback to candidates with templated emails and book interviews with real-time interview scheduling.

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