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Looking for HR software solutions but overwhelmed with the options? You're not alone! The HR software market of 2020 has the answer to streamlining every aspect of HR professional's day to day work, but which software is the best for your business?

Leading software review site Capterra has 48 different categories relating to HR and an immense 1,721 products for you to review, that's a lot of choice! To help you decide on the best software for your team, we have shortlisted 4 of our favourite software products - not including us (though we're pretty damn good!) - that we think businesses can benefit from using. From ongoing annual performance to employee wellness we’ve got you covered.

Peakon Logo


Peakon collects your employee’s feedback, analyses it and presents you with actionable insights on a user-friendly dashboard. Peakon is a compelling alternative to traditional employee reviews and allows you to see at a glance how your employees are doing, and whether there are any issues that may need addressing.

According to TriNet, 85% of millenials would feel more confident in the workplace of they had frequent opportunities for feedback. Considering by 2020 Millennials will make up half of the entire workforce, the old fashioned system of yearly or quarterly feedback needs to take a back seat if employers want to motivate their workforce.

Feedback is gathered via regular online surveys that you create and send to your employees, either by email or SMS. By offering regular reviews with your employees, you can be sure you’re proactive in obtaining crucial feedback that aids in supporting your employees, their working environment and future company strategy. 

Peakon is used by companies of all sizes and those with complex organisation structures.

Top features: 

  •  Benchmarking
  •  Employee Recognition
  •  Feedback Management
  •  Goal Management
  •  Performance Management
  •  Pulse Surveys

See it for yourself: https://peakon.com/

Wagestream logo


According to JoshBersin 64% of millennials feel financially stressed, and 32% say it has and impact on their daily work. By offering this flexible payment system to your employees, you can help reduce workplace stress and re-establish the link between work and reward, resulting in higher rates of employee retention, engagement and performance.

Financial well-being is one area of HR software that is seeing remarkable growth with 61% of companies increasing their spend in this area. 

Income streaming app Wagestream gives employees access to their earned wages before payday at the end of the month so that in the event of an emergency or unexpected expense, employees can have financial security.

Wagestream's goal is to lessen the use of credit cards, payday loans and overdrafts which can carry substantial charges. Employees will only ever be accessing their own money and withdrawals are restricted to 50% of wages already earned at the time of the transaction. 

Top features: 

  • Wage streaming
  • Wage tracking
  • Savings 

See it for yourself: https://wagestream.co.uk/


wrkit logo


Wrkit is a work/life development hub for your employees. Their mission is to enhance the business culture and financial performance of growing companies by providing easy to use, data-driven, employee engagement and retention solutions. 

According to TriNet close to third thirds of employees say they feel overwork and stress is affecting their productivity at work. Businesses can help combat this problem by providing a full range of modules to help employees stay healthy and focused. 

Wrkit’s software does just this. They offer a suite of fun employee engagement modules such as lifestyle savings, wellness and continuous learning that supports employee recognition at work by strengthening their skills and encouraging a healthier working environment. We discussed the importance of planning for employee wellness with Wrkit, you can read what they had to say in our blog here.

Using the data and insights from each Wrkit module, companies like Vodafone and FedEx have advanced their business strategy and seen increased retention, a boost in employee engagement, enhanced skills amongst employees and an overall happier workforce.

Top features: 

  •  Benchmarking
  •  Employee Recognition
  •  Feedback Management
  •  Goal Management
  •  Performance Management
  •  Pulse Surveys

See it for yourself: https://wrkit.com/

Tungl logo


Tungl is a tech recruitment platform that provides easy to use, customisable online assessments. It was built for those hiring tech talent to easily assess the coding skills and knowledge of candidates during the recruitment process for a large variety of tech and digital roles.

By reviewing candidates with an extensive range of quizzes and coding challenges in all major technologies, businesses can decrease their time to hire by making faster, data-driven hiring decisions. With an ever-increasing technical talent shortage and more employers (59%) saying that their organisation lacks employees who possess soft digital skills than hard digital skills (51%) according to a recent report, technical assessments are vital in giving you a full picture of an employee. 

Top features: 

  • Custom technical assessments
  • Coding skills
  • Technical knowledge testing
  • Soft skills testing

See it for yourself: https://tungl.io/

Now that you know the best software to promote employee engagement, productivity and financial wellness. What is the best software for attracting and engaging talent? Occupop of course!

Our AI-Powered ATS will transform the way you hire from start to finish. Significantly reduce your recruitment admin, time and costs by scoring and filtering your C.V.s with A.I., scheduling your interviews and sending your candidate’s automated email updates. We’ll also post your job descriptions across 20+ recruitment channels, including social media, to ensure that the candidate you want knows you’re hiring.

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