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Your careers page is your shop window. When it comes to potential candidates, this is where they will go to get a feel for your company brand and see what your culture and values are. 

Multiple studies have shown the increasing importance of an engaging careers page in the digital age. 

It's not enough to just have a beautiful careers page if there's nothing going on behind it. Since your careers page does a great deal of the work involved in bringing in candidates, it makes sense for it to be optimised in a functional way for both you and potential applicants to aid a perfect candidate experience. 

Jobvite’s database of 50 million job seekers and more than 10 million applications shows that career sites account for 34% of applications and 22% of hires. Source: Jobvite

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In this blog, we will cover the back-end steps you can take to optimise your careers page. If you're looking to improve your careers page branding and candidate experience, check out our related blogs. 

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searching for careers page on the webBe searchable 

To target the right candidates it's important to optimise your careers site for search. Especially if you are recruiting for hard to fill roles. Be sure that your job descriptions are detailed and don't veer off topic. 

It's very common for companies to use generic copy and paste job descriptions. Doing this will only get you lost in a sea of similar google results. When writing your job description be sure to include sentences and keywords a potential applicant would search and include niche-specific terms. Utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) correctly is a guaranteed way to bring more applicants to your careers page.

Another simple way to make job searching easier for your candidates is to add a search bar to your careers page. This is particularly vital if you have a lot of open roles. Having a search bar makes for a great candidate experience as they can search for the role they're looking for by keyword and avoid having to scroll through irrelevant information.


Go Mobile 

As everything is going mobile, so should your careers site. Jobvite has unsurprisingly found that a third of millennial's expect to be able to apply for roles via their mobile phone. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and grab new top talent it is vital your site works effortlessly on mobile.

Optimising your careers page for mobile not only means having a responsive design but content that can be rendered on smaller screens. To help with the readability for your users on mobile use short paragraphs, keep a good amount of white space.


tracking careers page analyticsTrack results

If you really want to start driving traffic to your careers site you must begin to understand what is and isn't working for you. There are a range of different software's that can be used to track the performance of your site. Once you add analytics to your recruiting strategy you can invest in areas of your site knowing they're likely to get more traction. Depending on the metrics you're tracking you may also gain insight on how to improve your sites SEO.

Some metrics that can translate into actionable insights that I would recommend using are:

  • Applicant conversion rate (how many visitors fill out an application to total traffic)
  • Applicant drop off (how many users start to fill an application form but don't finish, finding out the precise drop off point is extremely helpful)
  • Referral Traffic (where are your visitors coming from?)
  • Visitors online behavior (what content do they like to look at online?)


Use tools

 Now that your careers page has been optimised visually and functionally it makes sense that you use tools to easily collect CV's from your careers page and manage your hiring process. An ATS like ours will enable you to track every application you receive from your careers page and any other channels you are using to recruit. You can then simply manage the entire recruitment process from one centralised user friendly platform.



A compelling and informative careers page may be the factor that helps you to recruit the top talent in your industry. In fact, 19% of all hires come from careers pages, which is more than any other recruitment channel, according to Deloitte’s 2015 Talent Acquisition research.

This means that perfecting your careers page is an essential step in the recruitment process, and BidRecruit is here to help! Our recruitment software saves you 4-5 hours a week and 75% of recruitment costs on the busy work of hiring, so you can allocate more of your energy to creating an amazing careers page. We also easily integrate with your careers page and offer one-click posting to help you streamline your job advertisements, helping you create a page that others will want to copy.

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